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7 Types of Shoes for Women

there are many women’s shoe types


With so many types of shoes for women on the market it can sometimes be difficult to differentiate between them. We’ve put together an ultimate guide of the different types of women’s shoes

Keep Casual in Ballet Flats

Ballet flats are a simple but elegant woman’s shoe. Inspired by the shoes worn by ballerinas, they have little to no heel, with an enclosed toe with shallow sides. Often going by other names such as ballet pumps, dolly shoes, and ballerinas these shoes are extremely popular. In fact, they’ve been around since the 16th century! Back then both men and women wore them.

Ballet flats are very versatile, being able to take you from morning to night. Being flat, these shoes are ultra comfortable making them perfect for commutes to and from work. Butterfly Twists’s flats feature a memory foam insole cushioning every step you take. They also pair well with all types of office wear. However, you can also dress them down in a casual outfit, like jeans and a t-shirt.

find the perfect type of shoe perfect for you

Sophisticated Slingbacks

Slingbacks can either be flats or heels. They are defined by a distinctive strap that crosses behind the heel. For the most part, they feature a pointed toe but this can be either enclosed or peep-toe in style. First appearing in 1957 with the classic Chanel two-toned design, this style has stayed a favourite with ladies all over the world throughout the decades. 

Keeping with its origin slingbacks are a classy option. Create an elegant look by pairing these shoes with an ankle grazing floaty dress, or for something more professional why not try a skirt suit? We love styling nude slingbacks with jeans for a cool retro look. We know you’ll look gorgeous whatever option you choose.


slingbacks are just one type of shoe

Look Cool in Mules

Unlike slingbacks or ballet flats, mules do not have either a strap or a back to the heel. Again, they can either be flat or have a heel of varying height. They add an element of style to any outfit, whether it be the finishing touch to an autumnal trench coat outfit, or a fun addition to a denim skirt. As they don’t have any back, they’re great for those moments when you’re rushing out the door.


mules are a classic shoe type

Take a Step Up in Heels 

Heels are a very broad women’s shoe type, this can be anything from a kitten heel to a stiletto heel. From wedges, to platforms, the possibilities are endless. We believe in balancing style and comfort, and we found the perfect combination in our low heels. Not only are they extraordinarily comfortable heels, but their classic style and gorgeous materials will make you want to wear them all day long!

From vegan leather, to woven materials, these vegan shoes are about to become a staple in your wardrobe. Perfect for when you’re feeling on top of the world, and want to reach a little higher. Heels will add a touch of elegance to whatever you pair them with, from your favourite little black dress, to your chic brunch ensemble. 

there’s a type of heel for every woman

Loafers Make for a Classic Look

Loafers are still very much a unisex shoe, being popular among both men and women. This is a shoe that can really do it all. Brilliant for both casual and business environments, we love these styled with beautiful tailored trousers. As they cover more of the foot than ballet flats, they can be a great choice for slightly colder months, especially as you can wear loafers with socks!


loafers are a comfortable shoe type

Foldable Shoes for the Busy Woman

Modern life calls for convenient solutions, and when it comes to women’s shoes, foldable flats are just that. Whether you’re looking for comfy shoes to walk to and from work in, or need a pair to change into after a night of dancing, foldable shoes are the perfect option. Compact enough to keep in your handbag meaning you’re good to go at a moment’s notice. With many stylish options available, you’re going to want to ditch your high heels for these every day!


convenient types of womens shoes

Elegant Points

Pointed flat shoes are a brilliant way to accentuate your legs whilst keeping feet comfortable. These stylish shoes pair perfectly with all your favourite dresses, suits, and casual outfits. From simple black points, to stand out patterned shoes, there’s an option to reflect everyone’s style. 

types of comfortable womens shoes

About Butterfly Twists

We are a British women’s footwear brand, specialising in Ballet Flats, but with a wide range of other gorgeous shoes too. Whether you’re after something casual and fun, or formal and sophisticated, you’re in the right place. Our vegan shoes are loved by the likes of Catherine Zeta-Jones, and we know you’ll look fabulous in them too!

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