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Did you know the best athleisure shoes don’t have to be trainers? No, if sports shoes aren’t your thing you can still rock this look in ballet flats! 2015 power started the athleisure trend, with big names like Jessica Alba, Victoria Beckham and Jourdan Dunn pulling off the perfect balance between sports luxe and yoga pants. But 2016 has really been the year that athleisure has taken off. With Beyoncé releasing her own athleisure collection in Topshop; Ivy Park and Kate Middleton supporting this sporting trend!

For those of you who aren’t quite sure what athleisure is, let me put it simply. Athleisure is clothing designed for workouts and other athletic activities but that is worn in other settings, such as during work, casual or social occasions. The main items are yoga pants, tights and leggings, which look like athletic wear but are characterised as stylish and dressed up exercise clothing.

So, let’s celebrate at this news… we get to wear our comfy gym clothes to brunch and even to afternoon drinks! Yay! However, in saying that, there are some times gym leggings are a definite no-no; an important work meeting, a dinner in a fancy restaurant and of course… a first date!

Athleisue is best pulled off using balance. A happy medium in anything can be tricky, and when it comes to this blend, balance is key in order to achieve it.

For instance, you can wear a pair of our Izzie ballet pumps when heading to a date; or add a sporty jacket to a work look; or rock our Jade ballerinas when having dinner with a friend, but at a job interview? No – smart is always best.



The do’s: Getting the Best Athleisure Shoes

Experiment: Play around with your outfits, add an oversized hoodie to smart trousers, or white trainers with your pencil skirt.

Match: Don’t be afraid to wear a matching tracksuit. I bet most of you thought matching tracksuits would never make a comeback after Sporty Spice even stopped wearing them, but that was before athleisure came along. Although don’t get me wrong… I’m not saying a vintage 1980’s shell suit is now classed as acceptable. 

Two-tone it up: If you’re feeling daring, emulate the look and go for a two-tone set.

Go black: Black is the most slimming colour and one of the few colours that goes with all body types and skin colours. So embrace your black sweats and mix them with a pair of our Jade ballet pumps or Izzie ballerinas.





Don’t Make These Athleisure Shoe Mistakes

Add too much baggage: If you’re already wearing an oversized hoody, be sure not to try and put a baggy jacket over it, this could make your look messy. 

Colour overload: Athleisure is already a head turner, so there’s no need to add numerous colours.

Over accessorise: A few simple rings or a subtle necklace will be enough to finish your outfits. So don’t overdo on the jewellery.


Here at Butterfly Twists we don’t think style and comfort should come at the cost of another being, that’s why we have a wide variety of vegan shoes, including our popular ballet flats. So you can look good and feel good on two fronts: knowing your shoes are cruelty-free, and with comfortable feet.

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