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Get prepared with our 3 Best Ballet Flats!

We’re going to show you the best ballet flats for every outfit! From statement pumps, to simple black shoes, we’ve got you covered for every possibility!

The Best Ballet Flats for Standing Out

Stand out in our iconic JACQUI union jack ballet flats - the root and DNA of our company. This look is minimal with a pop of colour- what better way to represent the British culture? We love styling these with our favourite pair of jeans and a simple white tee, allowing these fabulous vegan shoes to do the talking!







The Best Ballet Flats for Looking Glam

If you’re that person who uses any opportunity to get glam and dress up, then this is a great look for you. Be comfy but stylish in a pair of black ballet flats. They’re the perfect sophisticated shoe to go alongside all your nicest frocks. This will compliment your outfit flawlessly.





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 The Best Flats for Sports Style

If you’re more of a sporty person, our popular active wear ELLIE is the perfect pair for you. Dress this up with black trousers, and a simple sporty yet feminine slip-on.






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