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Eco-Friendly Shoes: Everything You Need to Know


With more of us turning towards an environmentally friendly lifestyle you may be looking for ways to make your own life that little bit more green. One way to do this is to invest in eco-friendly shoes and other products. But what does this actually mean and should you be getting them yourself?

What are Eco-Friendly Shoes?

Although a term most people are familiar with now, let’s define ‘eco-friendly.’ Eco-friendly refers to products and items that have ecological benefits or do not harm the planet. These products can be anything from reusable straws, reusable water bottles, bamboo toothbrushes, rechargeable batteries and even shoes!

So eco-friendly shoes are ones that do not have a negative impact on the planet. This can be done in a number of ways from how the shoes are produced and made, what energy their production uses, whether they’re biodegradable, and even what they’re made of.

eco friendly shoes help protect the environment

What are Eco-Friendly Shoes Made of?

Eco-friendly shoes can be made of lots of different materials, from recycled plastics, to renewable alternatives such as cotton. There are also materials such as vegan leather, that work to improve the ecological impact of traditional mediums such as real leather. Vegan leathers can be made from lots of different things from pineapple, to cork, to plastic.

Unlike traditional leather, vegan leather doesn’t have to go through chemical processes like tanning which releases harmful toxins into the environment that are bad for not just the planet but us as well. We’re seeing more and more sustainable alternatives to these conventional materials.

Should I Try Shoes that are Eco-Friendly?

With human’s impact on the planet becoming more and more obvious year on year it’s important that we all play our part in trying to help the environment. Choosing eco-friendly products is a choice we each have to make for ourselves but a small thing we can do to help is to be conscious of what the fashion items we are buying are made of and how eco-friendly they really are. Buying eco-friendly shoes, like ballerinas or loafers, instead of those that have a more harmful impact on the environment is a really easy step we can all take to save the planet.

Introducing Butterfly Twists Vegan Shoes

Butterfly Twists is a British vegan shoe company specialising in ballet flats. Our shoes are made from a range of different materials from vegan leather to woven textiles. But our commitment to be eco-friendly doesn’t end there, we also work with charities that help find new uses for our shoes and stop them going to landfill. So whether you’re looking for heels, or loafers you can know you’re making an eco-friendly choice when buying Butterfly Twists.

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