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Say Hello to our new exclusive Casa Zeta Jones collaboration!

Our new shoe collaboration with Casa Zeta Jones is already turning heads. According to the writers at Hello! Magazine, the collection already has a number of A-list fans! 

Commenting on our vegan product range, Catherine spoke proudly saying: ‘In all honesty I didn’t know that when I first started wearing their shoes, before I started collaborating with them. I just knew that I loved them.’

Over the past year, Catherine and our team have curated a bold collection of exclusive shoes for her line Casa Zeta-Jones. Handmade with the finest vegan leather and designed with an innate understanding of the busy modern day woman. 


Catherine Zeta Jones


Speaking on the launch, our co-founder said,  “Catherine Zeta Jones is

both an Oscar winning actress and a global style icon. We are delighted she has chosen to curate an exclusive collection of vegan ballet flats with Butterfly Twists. The Casa Zeta Jones is our latest high profile collaboration raising the bar for stylish and comfortable vegan shoes. “

Our Casa Zeta Jones collection is just one part of our global collection of ballet flats

All of our shoes, including loafers, points and heels are vegan, with 70% of our range being made from Vegan Leather. A staple in any woman’s wardrobe! 

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