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The bookies have stopped taking bets on this June being the wettest on record in the UK. If the raindrops keep falling, this month is on track to beat the 145.3mm that fell in June 2012.


It’s not only Great Britain. Across Western Europe, heavy rain has brought floods to France, Germany and Belgium too. For those not used to this monsoon-style weather, some of us are really worrying about climate change, hoping that the whole summer isn’t a washout and feeling frustrated about the disappointing start to summer.


But rain doesn’t have to be depressing. Here are some ways you can make sure your spirits aren’t dampened.


1. You don’t have to change your outdoor plans because it’s raining. Don’t give up on that camping trip, that festival you want to go to or the countryside ramble. Fresh air is always good and it should still be warm enough for you to enjoy being outside. Just be prepared. A good umbrella and a trusty pair of our Windsor wellies will keep your head and feet dry. Windsor is lightweight and super comfortable thanks to their memory foam soles.


2. When you think about a big tidy to put things in order, spring cleaning comes to mind. Yes, June is too late to be called spring. But maybe you put off having that big clear out earlier in the year. Take advantage of the wet weather to rummage through disorganised cupboards and drawers. You never know what long lost gem or memory-filled item you might find. Be ruthless about what stays and what goes. Even if you are getting rid of something, disposal shouldn’t automatically mean the bin. The saying goes ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. Donate things you don’t need to friends and relatives – they’ll be happy to receive an unexpected gift.



3. Feeling too lazy, you can always turn on the telly and fantasise about what What about taking the time to survey your summer wardrobe? Take stock of what you already have and what new items you could add. And with the summer sales coming to shops in a few months, the assessing and planning might stop you splurging on impulse buys. Check out outfits that remind you of sunshine. Think about cool accessories like sunglasses, bangles, earrings and necklaces. Daydream about slipping on a pair of summery slingback sandals like the Zoey.


4. Haven’t you heard that staying in is the new going out? There are tons of arts and crafts to fire your imagination and determination. When you want to avoid getting drenched, use your time at home to start a new project or finish one. Whether your hobby is baking, sewing, painting, gaming or tinkering about with electronics, a rainy day the perfect opportunity to get going and create some indoor cheer. The TV is full of shows about recreational activities you can do inside. If you’re you’ll eventually get up to.


5. If you’re going to stay in, you don’t have to be alone. House party time! Lots of your friends are probably in the same boat, feeling a little let down by the weather. Phone them, text them, set up a last minute private event on Facebook (check your settings to make sure!). All you need are some good tunes and some great mates. You can keep it low cost by asking people to bring a bottle. Increase the fun factor by getting them to come along with party game suggestions. With everyone having a good time partying the night away, you’ll soon forget it’s pouring cats and dogs.



6. A little drizzle shouldn’t stop you from being hot. June is definitely a time to shed clothing layers and get those pins out. Sometimes there isn’t a lot of opportunity to flash the flesh at other times of the year – especially during the day. Yes, it’s wet, but the warm temperatures don’t lie – summer is around the corner. The Eton wellie teamed with hot pants or a short dress is the perfect compromise. This short wellie allows you to show off your legs while keeping your feet dry. A cute summer skirt with confidence and swagger – who needs actual sunshine to bring the heat?


7. Finally, nothing says a British summer like a bit of rain. In fact, many people not from the UK seem to puzzlingly think that all it does is pour it down over here. So, don’t fight it – celebrate it. If you’re a Brit, you can be patriotic sitting at home and reading a book wearing a pair of our Jacqui ballet pumps. If you’re not one of us islanders, you can still appreciate Cool Britannia by popping on a ballet flat that celebrates UK heritage and gives you that London flair.



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