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Our mission here is to help bring you inner harmony and peace of mind – allowing you to focus on the most important thing. You.

We get it - first steps are always the hardest. We are after all our own worst critics. We see our bad points before the good. We spend our time aspiring to be like those we admire rather than learning to admire ourselves.

Our minds can become a cluttered mess of thoughts, as we pursue our mission to become like that celebrity or model we yearn to be.

But if your mind isn’t right you’re going nowhere fast. Whether you’re trying to get that top job, be a champion of confidence or a superstar in the gym you need to start with your powerhouse. Your brain!

It’s time to break that mindset; this is all about you. So be the most wonderful you that you can be. 

You’re a Superhero after all…

Live in the moment

It may seem like a glaringly obvious piece of advice but it is the hardest ladies. Occupying your present with thoughts of the past and possibilities of the future may be the most detrimental activity to our minds. When you hold onto things that you simply have no control over you allow anxiety to set it. Don’t get me wrong it’s always good to have future goals and aspirations but don’t let your mind live in a place that is gone or doesn’t exist yet. The here and now is where your mind will feel calmer.


Take a planned break from technology. Turn your phone off. Say no to emails. Sign out of social media (after reading this of course). Take time out, it’s important. Block out the distractions. Allow yourself to truly focus on internal reflection. The average person spends 3.9 years of their life staring at their phone screen. That’s a lot of time. Imagine all the time you could potentially spend on making you the best version of yourself. Read. Watch a sunset. Start a new hobby. Plan that big adventure. Meditate. Reconnect with loved ones. Learn a new language. The list is endless I tell you and so satisfying. 

Grab that pen

Sounds cliché but it works! There’s science behind it. Write down those negative thoughts that clutter the mind. Write them down and then physically throw them away. Oh how liberating. Hello clarity.
Looking for a positive mind set booster? Scribble down everything that you’re grateful for, or your greatest achievements from each day - anything that makes you happy! Result? Feel cleansed, released, relieved and empowered. 

Get physical

If you exercise your body you exercise your mind. Work that brain girl! Physical activity improves your memory, problem-solving skills, boosts positivity and welcomes the calm…ah yes! Come to me calmness. Go for that run! Sign up to that gym class you have been procrastinating about far too long, but be consistent. It’s an instant win-win situation if you ask me! (Added benefit you get a superhero body to boot)


Absolutely anything can look daunting when piled up. Those endless to-dos’s, those million and one things you say you’ll do tomorrow. Shall I tell you why they are still there? That age-old myth of:

“Hey you’re a woman, multitask it’s in your DNA”. 

That’s where the flaw lies. I’m here to debunk that myth. Single-tasking is the way forward. Break it down! Focus on a few things on that to-do list that you’re going to tackle every day and push the others aside until the next.
You will start ticking things off your list in no time. At the moment you’re filling your mind with a lot of activity, without (let’s be honest) any real output or happiness. Go on and let your mind feel happy like the boss it deserves to be. 

So go forth and be amazing.

Have you honed in on your inner super hero? We would love to hear about it, why not share your tips here.

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