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THE JUNGLE TREK - Machu Picchu


Our mission here is to get you out there doing that one thing you’ve been wanting to do for years. The thing which has remained on your bucket list year after year. It never moves. Don’t wait for that “someday”. Do something about it! Tick it off.

With a bit of courage, a lot of planning and a large backpack, I booked a 4-month trip to the continent of the superlatives to travel far and deep into 8 extremely different countries. 

The world’s biggest rainforest and largest river, the highest mountain range outside of Asia, remote islands, heavenly beaches, wide deserts, icy landscapes and the world’s tallest waterfall, South America is made up of breathtaking natural attractions.

After an incredible month of exploring Chile and Bolivia, I was ready for the next stop: Peru.

Located in the South-Eastern region of Peru, Cusco is a beautiful city situated amongst the Urubamba Valley and the Andes mountain range, known as the historic capital of the Inca Empire and ancient Andean culture.




After a few days of sight-seeing, hostel-hopping and Pisco Sours, we were ready to head north of the city, for the biggest, most exciting excursion yet: The Jungle Trek to one of the New Seven Wonders of the World, Machu Picchu.

Over the 4-day trek we squeezed in lots of adrenaline-filled experiences. Mountain biking through waterfalls, climbing the authentic Inca Trail, zip-lining 150metres above ground level and enjoying a dip in natural hot springs. It was safe to say; we’d had the most amazing few days and were ready for a rested night before we climbed the steps up to Machu Picchu.


jungle trek cusco



Up at 4am and eager to get started, we headed to the bottom of Inca staircase. Approximately 600ft high, more than 3,000 steps and an hour of trekking up the single stone slab steps, we reached the top. Exhausted yet filled with a huge sense of achievement, we waited patiently for the sun to come up to see the spectacular ruins.


inka trail jungle trek

inka trail 2 jungle trek


Built in the 1450’s during the reign of Inca Pachacuti, Machu Picchu was the country estate for the emperor and represents the icon of Inca civilisation. Constructed by layered stones and agricultural terraces, the ruins were surrounded by sheer cliffs of the Andes. The view was unbelievable. 

“I had never seen anything so beautiful.”


machu pitcchu 1

machu pitcchu


Fairly compact and easy to walk around, we spent the morning exploring the ruins and appreciating the breathtaking views. I had never seen anything so beautiful.


machu pitcchu 3


The daily experiences, the trek, the people we met, the views and the feeling looking down on the Inca Empire - my adventure to Machu Picchu was a lifetime experience that I will never forget.


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