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SPOTTED: Wearing VERITY Boucle.

It was the Bafta award-winning Made in Chelsea that we first got to know about Rosie Fortescue. A show that followed the life of young, fashion conscious friends living in West London was a lifestyle that viewers aspired to, and it was from here that Rosie became known for her unique style.


Throughout the series, Rosie has showcased her desirable fashion sense with stylish, modern outfits and has channelled her love for fashion through her blog AtFashionForte. It gives us a glimpse of her favourite trending items, outfit combinations and signature looks.


She’s Refreshing. Adventurous. Goes beyond boundaries. We love her style but more the fact she reinforces that fashion is far beyond clothing and accessories. It’s a way of living.


She’s passionate about Recipes. Fitness. Friends. Family. Home.


With her busy, on-the-go lifestyle, no wonder she is a Butterfly Twists girl. She lives up to our ethos.

Spotted in our black VERITY Boucle, this pair is feminine, classic, bold and a perfect fit for an active, independent woman like Rosie. Paired with distressed, starry grey jeans and a casual open shoulder jumper, Rosie wears our black VERITY Boucle. Casual but cool, Rosie is killin’ it.


Wear something different. Try something new.


Never stick. Twist.

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