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New Year. New You.


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Packing a suitcase is a mundane activity which holds so much excitement and potential. The clothes and shoes which will be the landscape for your future holiday photo album. The books which you can indulge yourself in exploring, now you have some precious time away from your desk. The passport: your ticket to adventure.

With every new year's list of resolutions come vows and pledges to break the routine, make a difference, do something exciting, achieve more… The list goes on.

How am I tackling that list? This January I will be packing to leave gloomy London and move abroad for 5 months to a slightly hillier terrain… The Swiss Alps! Snow topped mountains which make every morning look like a perfect postcard. Fresh, clean air. Nature's playground.

Starting the new year in a whole new place full of endless experiences and possibilities is daunting. Risky. Yet exhilarating! A new time zone, a new currency, a new language. New cultural norms and local dishes.



But what better way to set 2018 off? Years of making resolutions to 'try something new' or 'travel more' final accumulated into one very satisfying outcome. Here's some top tips on how to make your new year's resolutions happen. And yep, we're talking into February and beyond…

  1. Dream BIG! If someone had told me a few months ago that I would be packing my bags to move abroad come January, I may not have believed them. It's all about broadening your outlook, and in turn broadening your horizons. Modern technology enables us to book flights, find jobs and connect with new people in seconds. In the space of a day I went from having nowhere to stay when I got there, to being in contact with 3 landlords who could all offer me a room. The sky is the limit, and there's no better time to start.

  2. Get ORGANISED. Nothing happens by magic. Simple steps are KEY, such as saving some money every month, putting a few hours of research in here and there, or even just de-cluttering so that you're ready for anything and everything! Having your life in order opens doors, and clears space for you to focus on new possibilities.

  3. DON'T GIVE UP. This final point may sound like an overused cheesy line, but it certainly rings true when you're working to achieve what is important to you. Don't let initial setbacks pave the way. Having the confidence to do something for yourself, even by yourself, and with the determination to succeed; is an unbeatable feeling which everyone should experience!


    What are your plans for 2018? Dream big. Get organised. Don't give up!
    Feel free to share and comment - we'd love to hear from you! :)

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