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There is just something quite special about stripes, year after year, season after season they just keep coming back and show no sign of disappearing,

A lot of people shy away from stripes, especially when it comes to embracing striped footwear, for many it seems such a bold statement to wear on their feet that they just wouldn’t know how to style them.

Well you no longer have to fear your Butterfly Twists heroes are here to save you and show you how to look super in stripes.

Classical Stripes

Stripes are classically associated with the nautical look. The Cara ballet flat is the embodiment of nautical, with navy and white stripes this classic ballerina is a must have.

But no need to put your best sailing outfit on and head to the high seas for this look. Nautical can be done without feeling like a sailor. Team your nautical ballet pumps with a classic shirt dress like this striped classic from Zara to achieve a preppy neutral look.

If you know Butterflytwists and are familiar with our ballet flats you know we love colour, so of course it would only be fitting to complement our look with a splash of something bold like this Canary Yellow pouch from Lowe.


ballet        ballet     ballet3



Stripe on Stripes, who says you can’t

Oh no you can’t wear stripes on stripes I hear you say. Well yes you can, gone are the days when this was considered a fashion faux pas, after all, “good fortune favors the brave” as they say. Sienna Miller looks fab in her striped sweater and her crisp white Tulip scuba skirt.




sienna miller          sloan


Complete this look with The Sloan ballet pump, featuring nude and white stripes in premium satin, understated with an elegant bow. For the bolder fashionistas, be a little more adventurous and match your white scuba skirt and Sloan ballerina’s with tops that have contrasting stripe direction, colour’s and varying stripe width. Mix horizontal with vertical stripes.





This Vertical off the shoulder blouse with Green stripes from ASOS is just divine.


Mix it up

Stripes are arguably a pattern all unto themselves but why not challenge your fashion savviness by adding a modern twist and mix your striped ballet pumps with a totally different print all together; floral, polka dots, retro. You name it anything goes. Excited at the concept? So are we.

Embrace your individuality that one step further, the ability to wear clashing prints is one that is a huge statement but one that shows off your fashion prowess and how fun dressing up can really be.

Remember to keep it playful when experimenting with mixing up your prints, the Kate shoe is a cute striped ballet pump that does just that.


ballet             cara



I think its safe to say that ever wardrobe needs a staple striped flat shoe. We hope we at Butterfly Twists headquarters have saved you from your striped kryptonite, may you never be scared of picking up that fun ballet pump again. 


Go forth and have fun! 









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