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Top secret. Mysterious. A Delicious dining. That’s a Pop up. 

They say an Extravaganza. 

What’s not to like? Sign me up. 


Introducing Gingerline. Always sold out. (Tickets go within 24 hours of going on sale).

Because Life. Moves. Fast. I was on the ball this time. Not missing out.

Ticket in the bag and place secured – now comes the waiting. There’s only one detail revealed in advance of the date. It’s somewhere along the East London line. AKA the “Ginger Line”.

There’s a theme for the night – gold and black. Think Bling. Masks. Sultry. Dark. Sophisticated. 

I’m out with the gang. Where to meet up for a swift one (or two) before? We decide to hedge our bets and go for slap bang in the middle. We meet at a bar near Canada Water station. Smart move. Couple of cocktails. Going down nicely. I’m checking my phone every few minutes. Eager to find out this secret location. Can’t wait to get there. It’s all so intriguing. I have high expectations.


At 6pm, the much anticipated text comes in. The top secret address is in Shadwell.  Bingo – only 3 stops away.  But it’s pouring down. Typical London. Cold, wet November night. (we should have known). Spirits are high anyway.  We’ll just jump in an Uber.

We were greeted on the street by a woman with a clipboard. On the guest list?  Tick. Tick. Tick (love, love, love when that happens!). She walks us to a dark building.  Points at some spiral stairs.  “Mind your heads and don’t lose your minds!”

We are in! Game on!

It’s a meandering entrance. Bit like a maze. Dark and cavernous inside. On the edge of eery. (we were thinking ‘I love what you’ve done with the place’). We are greeted with Ginger Apple Hot Toddies. Sweet, aromatic and alcoholic – a proper winter warmer.  The host arrives and tells us all about the nights production.  Madame Gingerline and her chef husband ‘Al Dente’ will host a wedding feast for their daughter. Sounded fabulous enough….. until we heard about the spanner in the works……they actually want to stop the wedding! The intrigue and suspense rise and we are all now part of this. Living it. 



We’re shown to our table. There is one large banquet style table for everyone.  It’s part of the stage. It’s an immersive theatre production. And it’s an opera. Wow. I’ve always wanted to be on the stage! I was having so much fun! The menu’s a five-course blowout. Squid ink gnocchi.  Champagne and raspberry sorbet. Belly Busting Venison. Themed cocktails – naturally lots of ginger. So inspirational. No. Cameras. Allowed.


Course after course after yummier course. Broken up only by emotionally charged opera.  Characters come and chat to us as we eat and drink. They never break character. There’s lots of improvisation. Sharp witty reactive banter fills in these unscripted vignettes. And they’re really funny. Bravo!

" Forget the plan. 

Embrace the unknown. 

Prepare for a surprise. " 



I am now known amongst my group as ‘The Queen of the Plan’. (My star is high, for one night only. I love it). This is the most awesome fun experimental and dining experience ever. What an AMAZING NIGHT. Mystery is underrated. A super special surreal dining experience. 

I am officially hooked on Ginger. 

I’ll definitely be rebooking!


(Ahhh. Should I have kept this a secret?)


By Sophia, Dining Daredevil.


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