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Get Holiday Ready

Holiday season is fast approaching and let’s admit it blood pressures rise, and emotions run high even before we step on the plane. Take a breath and prepare like the well collected woman that you are with these pre-travel hacks. The BT girl is always holiday prepped!



1. Roll

No I don’t mean roll on the floor in despair, I mean roll your clothes when packing your suitcase. You will not only save space in your case but will have plenty more sunning time whilst your friends are busy ironing out the creases in their pre-folded clothes.


2. Stock up on shower caps

The last thing you want to do is be on of those packers that just fling their shoes amongst their clean clothes. Instead put your shoes in shower caps to keep them separated and your beautiful outfits pristine.


3.Make copies…of everything.

Copy your passport, travel itinerary, emergency phone numbers and email them all to yourself in case you lose them whilst away.  But being the BT girl you are this won’t happen anyway 😉


4.Stop the leak!

Defo a pet peeve and happens every time.  I arrive at my destination to discover my lovely holiday gear is soaked in a mixture of shampoo, conditioner and cleanser. Placing plastic over the containers then resealing the lid makes sure I’m the only one left smelling fresh.


5.Call your bank.

We’ve all experienced it…abroad…in the middle of our holiday shop then the dreaded “sorry your card has been declined”.  Save yourself the stress, humiliation and time by notifying your bank that you shall be travelling so you don’t get flagged up and blocked for suspicious activity.


6.Stand out as standard.

Yay! So you have just landed, finally time to start your holiday! Well that’s only if you were smart enough to label your luggage with a distinct bright ribbon so you can identify it then just grab it and go 😃


I’m sure you knew you all these little life hacks, but just in case you didn’t, happy travels 😊



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