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With festival season in full swing, and the infamously muddy, welly-needed festival; Glastonbury happening next month, it’s time to start planning and buying your outfits. Some say start from the top and work your way down, but with footwear being the main accessory this summer, let’s start from the bottom.


If you’re planning on going to any British festivals this summer, whether it be Glastonbury, Greenman, Download or Creamfields, you know there’s a huge possibility of rain and mud. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you and tell you how to survive a rainy festival.


1. Pack smart


Of course you have to look good and find the perfect outfits, I mean it’s a time where you will be captured on picture for the duration of the weekend. But be smart, make sure to pack a rain jacket, extra pairs of socks, and of course a pair of wellies - for a classic but stylish look, we suggest a pair of our Windsor wellies. Double up, take a double skinned tent, this is where the outer and inner are separate. This is not only good for breath-ability, but it’ll also stop water pouring in if you accidentally touch the tent on the inside. Take some bin bags, not only for rubbish, but these can also be used to keep wet/muddy items away from the rest of your things, or to keep dry items dry.


2. Camp high


If possible, be sure to camp as high as possible, if there’s a hill, use it. You don't want to be stuck at the bottom in the mix of puddles.



3. Find indoor options



To avoid all night drenches, it makes more sense to skip some headliners and find shelter in some of the smaller tents. At most festivals there are plenty of sheltered things to do - find them, who knows what you might discover!


4. Get over it


Most rain prone festivals won’t dry up in a few hours, embrace the fact that you're going to risk eating mud and get out there and enjoy it anyway, it's all part of the adventure!



Wellies are always a must-have and with ours, you won’t be compromised in variety or elegance. You can step out in the showers in style. Perfect for festivals, Butterfly Twists foldable wellington boots give you the ability to pack light, keep dry and stand out from the crowd.


With numerous styles, you’re sure to find something that hits your spot.


The Windsor


The Windsor wellington boot offers a refined, lightweight take on the welly. Easy to carry, pack and wear, with a knitted textile cuff for extra comfort.




The Eton


A wellington ankle boot in a variety of summary combinations, for practical wear in a lightweight style.


All of our wellies come with super comfy memory foam insoles, moisture wicking linings, slip resistant soles and a drawstring bag, perfect for when you want to fold and pack your wellies away.

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