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Handbag Shoes: Your New Essential

be prepared with handbag shoes

Handbag shoes are the wardrobe essential you didn’t know you needed. They are shoes that are compact enough to fit easily and effortlessly into handbags. There are so many occasions to wear these, you’re going to wonder why you’ve never thought of them before! 

Perfect for Emergencies

As handbag shoes are designed to be stored in your bag, they’re great for those occasions when you need to switch over the pair you’re wearing! All you have to do is fold them up and pop them in the bottom of your everyday bag. Just like your lip-balm they can stay there until the moment they’re needed. We’re talking about those annoying occasions when you snap your heel in a metal grate, or step in a muddy puddle on your way to a nice dinner with friends. Having your emergency shoes in your bag, these mishaps will no longer put a downer on your day.

Perfect for Extending Your Evening

Our number one use for foldable shoes is for making sure your evening doesn’t have to end early! Whether you’re out on a cocktail date, or dancing the night away with friends, there’s nothing worse than having to go home early because your heels are hurting your feet! It’s difficult to take alternative shoes when you’re only wearing a clutch, but with a pair of handbag shoes, you’ll no longer have this worry. As soon as your feet begin to hurt, take those shoes off and grab your comfy fold ups out of your bag. Our ballet flats are especially good for this, as they feature a memory foam insole, cushioning your feet with every step so you can continue enjoying yourself late into the night.


continue the party with fold up shoes

Stay Comfy On Your Way to Work

We know your job may require you to wear specific shoes, and these may be uncomfortable, or simply something you don’t want to be seen in outside your workplace! From walking to work to commuting on the train, we have so many stylish folding flats, including women’s loafers that make you feel like you’re walking on air! These are especially great if you’re planning on going somewhere special after work to meet up with friends or family.

Trip to the Beach

Not only are these pumps compact, but they are also lightweight, making them great for carrying around all day. We especially love taking these to places like the beach where we want to feel the sand beneath our feet, but have something easy to slip on when we want to grab our fish and chips! As they’re not heavy at all it means you can go for long walks along the beach without feeling weighed down!

About Butterfly Twists

We are a British footwear brand that creates gorgeous vegan shoes. From ballet flats, to low heels, we want you to look good and feel good. That’s why our shoes are extremely comfortable whilst being stylish. With celebrity fans such as Catherine Zeta Jones, you can’t go wrong with a pair of Butterfly Twists! 

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