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Destination - No Stress Island

Let's face it. Winter months in most parts of the world are cold and miserable.

Not one to wait for Summer to come my way, I decided to go in search for some Winter Sun. I tossed my umbrella and coat aside. Goodbye January blues and hello Cape Verde, the African Caribbean!

The West African Island of Sal is situated in the cluster of small islands that make up Cape Verde. It’s one of those lucky places that gets beautiful sunshine all year round. Originally a fishing village known for its beautiful beaches, tourism is fairly new to the Island making it an unspoilt gem. 

Welcome to Sal, No stress!

Our first impressions of the island couldn't have been much better: glorious sunshine, colourful buildings and locals welcoming us with open arms reminding us to "relax", live stress free and enjoy life.

As tempting as it is to spend every day lying on beautiful white sandy beaches when your away don’t! Make the most out of your time. Try something new. Get up and go. Explore your new habitat.

An island tour on the back of a pick-up truck was the best way to see the whole island. Wind in my face and sun shining down - I couldn’t think of a better way to travel. From swimming with lemon sharks at the famous bay (yes, I was terrified), to dipping in the warm lagoons at Pedra de Lume salt mines, beautiful Cape Verde had already exceeded my expectations within hours.

The 8-foot waves in Ponto Preto was the ultimate hotspot for water sport professionals. Feeling eager to try something new, we headed to the nearest Kite Surfing school to give it a go. Little did I know that I was a such a thrill seeker. 

Santa Maria is definitely worth a visit. By day an idyllic fishing village full of African crafts, textiles and fashion. By night a buzzing cobbled street paved with great spots to eat, drink and live street bands playing local Morna music and "Funana" dance.


The locals, the weather, the food, the stunning views and the "no-stress" mantra has firmly earned this little island a place in my heart.

Cape Verde, you are forever my winter sun destination! 

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