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We're here to show you how to put your best foot forward with style. Giving you the tips you need to make it to the top. 

'Dress for the job you want, not for the one you have'.

Dressing for success works twofold. Let us explain...

Firstly, whether we like it or not we are always communicating. First impressions count. What you wear sets the standard for how people perceive you. It's not right I know. We are all so much more than what we choose to wear, we are all inner goddesses. Mother Earth. Women who “Run the world” (thank you Beyoncé!).

But dressing for success matters, you never know who you are going to meet and you want to send out the right message into the success universe by already looking the part. Now if you’re anything like me, judgment starts from the shoes. Don’t judge me! You know you would never date a man with bad shoes! Well lucky for you... we're in the business of making shoes that work hard and play hard, just like you. 

Remember you need to be a master at dressing for your role, industry, and clients. Perhaps you’re a straight to the point fast talker based in the cooperate world. Our pointed toed Isobel’s and Holly’s communicate just that. Perfect for still bringing that professional, but by no means boring, statement into the office. 

Be a chameleon of fashion. If you know you have an important meeting with clients and you are usually a little out there with your style and they are quite formal then dress as a reflection of your client. It sounds silly I know but people buy into people. As humans we warm and are more engaged by the familiar, it creates unity and acceptance.

Work in a more creative industry? Then here is your invitation to go wild! Up the fashion stakes! Bring out the colour! The statement pieces. Boldness is your selling point. I am a creative leader and therefore I shall reflect that in my fashion prowess. Is that a roar I hear? Yes! Queens of the jungle! Make your mark in our hot pink Python Francesca’s or give life to your inner Coco with our Chanel inspired Verity’s.

Now for the science. As well as affecting your surrounding environment. What you wear can also affect your mental and physical state. Ever noticed how wearing that newly purchased item or favorite wardrobe piece instantly puts a spring in your step making you feel like a new person? Or how your comfy loungewear makes you feel at one with your sofa and a tub of Ben & Jerrys? 

Don’t ask me how it works but those smarty pants in the white lab coats (lab coats make you smarter), assure us that there is a direct correlation between dress and mindset. Want to feel powerful? Be a first class negotiator? Then throw on that business attire and own it. 

Want to feel like a creative genius then grab that power dress in the back of your wardrobe, throw on a pair of Butterfly Twists and watch your mind come alive with fresh ideas and determination. Your feet wont be the only things which are moving fast that day. Pumps have been a staple in every woman’s wardrobe for generations, that’s why we have a wide selection of ballet flats in different colours, patterns and styles, so you can find a shoe for every occasion.

Own it and work it Girl!

Have you honed in on your Girl Boss? We would love to hear about it, why not share your tips here.

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