Don't Let The Wedding Season Defeat Your Feet

With summer underway, we know brides to be are already all in a dither about wedding plans, which means it’s also time for a lot of you to be bridesmaids.
Weddings are all fun and games, all about happiness, bringing people together to celebrate love, eating, drinking, laughing and dancing… Isn’t it all just wonderful?


119_annkathrinkoch_130804_vicky_emmanuel_weddingYes. We love a good wedding.
But… It’s only wonderful up to the point where all the ladies in their high heels are in too much pain to even walk, let alone dance. Some of them might even decide to take their shoes off and brave the dance floor barefoot. Whilst we have nothing against barefooted dancing, it does sometimes lead to unfortunate broken-glass-to-foot combos…


So lovely Bridezillas, we say, have a thought for your bridesmaids and get them all a pair of Butterfly Twists for the end of the night – actually, do yourself a favour and treat yourself to a pair too.


Bridesmaids, don’t forget to pack your pair if the bride has not foreseen this issue.
A pair of cream Valeries or nude laser cut Heathers could spare you a lot of pain and ensure that you enjoy the day through to the evening.

Valerie_CreamGold Good luck with the wedding planning girls!


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