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  • Autumn-Winter 2014 Trends: Top 9 New Season Trends We Can't Wait To Wear

      London Fashion Week takes place from 12th - 16th September and is undoubtedly one of the most talked about exhibitions in the world. Showcasing the globe’s leading fashion talent and set over five days, the once trade event is now a city wide occasion. With a myriad of designers presenting their new looks, it’s interesting to see certain stylistic trends appearing. Here are our top 9 Autumn Winter 2014 trends!   Backpacks   One of the key fashion trends this year has to be the return of the backpack. Cara Delevingne collab
  • Ready To Scare – Fashionable Halloween Costume Ideas You Can Buy On The High Street

    You could go to a costume shop this Halloween, or throw a sheet over your head, but it’s also possible to look frightening and frightfully good in some pieces you’ll find on the high street (and it has the added bonus of not massacring your bed linen. Result!). In readiness for Halloween 2014, we’ve put together four freaky and fashionable Halloween costume ideas, so now you can look bone-chilling and bang-on-trend at the same time.   The Pumpkin   Pumpkins are as ‘Halloween’ as it gets. If you’re hosting a party or heade
  • The World’s Coolest Libraries

    As any devoted bookworm will tell you, there's something magical in the atmosphere of a good library. Whether it's the dusty smell of old books or the quiet hum of a modern city branch, stepping into these rooms stuffed with tall tales and centuries of knowledge takes us somewhere otherworldly. Here are some of the coolest libraries from around the world:   The Liyuan Library, China   In a small village two hours' drive away from the centre of Beijing sits a library surrounded by spectacular mountains. It's shaped as a rectangular block, b
  • Three Yummy Vegetable Cake Recipes You Need To Try

      As lifelong fans of a classic carrot cake, we're definitely open to new ways to getting our veggie fix in dessert form (bye bye salads, you were fun while you lasted, rest in peace). Check out our favourite vegetable cake recipes for a little culinary inspiration before getting stuck into this quirky baking trend.   Chocolate courgette cake    250g plain flour 375g caster sugar 65g cocoa powder 2 tsp bicarbonate of soda 1 tsp baking powder 1/2 tsp of salt 1 tsp cinnamon 4 eggs 350ml vegetable oil 340g grated 
  • The Very Best Coffee Shops In London

      We can probably blame Friends for our generation’s obsession with cafe culture, but while a trip to New York might not be entirely practical, the good news is that London is teeming with excellent places to grab a cup of joe. Looking for the best coffee shops in London? Well here are five of our favourites, from experimental brew-labs to comfy and cosy spots where you can lose yourself in a good book or a witty conversation. Side note: Not to be mistaken with a list of the five best breakfast places in London - having said that, al
  • How To Style Your Ballerinas: The 'Working Wednesdays' Work Outfit

        It's Wednesday and to celebrate being halfway through the week we thought we'd help you style your ballerina flats to perfection and inspire you with a non-boring, non-depressing, very much dressed-for-success work outfit. No need to thank us. Cream Olivias are available here FYI, in case your little heart just fell in love.   ❤BT
  • The Five Best Running Apps

      Even the most dedicated Lycra-loving carb-loading runner can find it tough to get going sometimes. A great app can help fire up your enthusiasm and keep you reaching for those running shoes - here are the best running apps we've come across so far:   Zombies, Run!     Nothing will get you running faster than the sound of the undead at your back. This app is an audio adventure running game that has you dodging the undead as you undertake missions to help the survivor base. Run faster and the zombie groans will get
  • The Top Books On Our Winter 2014 Reading List

      Now you've finished all your summer beach reads, those long winter evenings are the time to trade your heels for comfortable slippers, grab a huge mug of hot chocolate, and snuggle up with a fantastic book from our winter 2014 reading list. Check out the new releases we can't wait to get our mitts on. The Silent Sister by Diane Chamberlain   The pick for readers who love getting gripped on family dramas with plenty of mysteries, twists and turns. Riley MacPherson always believed that her older sister killed herself when she w
  • Top 5 Winter City Breaks in Europe

      Winter trips ahoy! If you’re one of those people who love winter and were glad to see summer turn tail and run off, then maybe you should keep to yourself because we’re still grieving (sad face). Of course this means there are no more barbecues, no more shorts and flip flops, no more tans and hot days... but with winter just around the corner, it means it’s time for warm mulled wine, fire places, snow crushed leaves underfoot and cosy jumpers! For those of us looking to escape to a winter wonderland, it’s an exciting time too. Bu
  • Top 5 Winter Travel Essentials Capsule

        Travelling over the autumn-winter period can be loads of fun. Whether we’re talking snow-capped winter wonderlands or cute café havens, city escapes or country retreats, getaways have a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’ about them during the cooler months. When we travel, we want to look our best and as unfortunately we can’t carry our entire wardrobe with us at all times, it comes down to packing a few fail-safe ‘essentials’ all the while making sure we’re well equipped for the in-flight chill and long train/bus journeys

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