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  • Aisle By Myself: How To Go Solo to a Wedding

    Good news: your distant cousin/uni friend/mate you met trekking Thailand is getting hitched - hurray for them! You're totally up for celebrating with the head-over-heels couple, but among all that delight, you suddenly realise that your busy life (and refusal to settle for Mr Alright) has left your shortlist of potential dates to take at zero. Oh well, there's no way you're giving up the chance to eat cake, drink champagne and be merry because of some old-fashioned social stigma. Do you really want to miss out (look at that cake!!)? NO. RSV
  • Healthy BBQ Hacks

    Nutritious is the new naughty, and with these healthy hacks, you're good to grill anytime, anywhere with all the taste and none of the guilt! Great grills Substitute those beefy beauties for lean chicken, packed with flavour and protein but less fat. For a taste of the Caribbean, leave them to marinate for eight hours in a mix of garlic, ginger, soy sauce, lime juice and spices. If you need your red meat, avoid the processed sort and treat your body and taste buds to lean steaks - flank and sirloin are two good choices for the grill. Th
  • The Definitive Guide to Wedding Gifts

    In case that steadily growing pile of invites hadn't clued you in, we now pronounce wedding season 2014 underway (synonym with: wedding gift buying time)! We all love celebrating our friends' good news, plus the excuse to buy a new outfit and have a paid-for party, but there's also the small matter of what on earth to get them for that all-important gift. Of course they'll be pleased that fabulous you just came along, but you should probably turn up with a suitably astounding present too. Keep calm and check out our guide to make the purchase p
  • Wish We Were There: The Beaches on our Bucket List

    If your thoughts keep drifting off to warm waves on sandy shores, it's time to get practical and plan your perfect beach getaway. To inspire your travels and tame our own wanderlust, we've combed through the best beaches in the world (it’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it) and put together the ultimate bucket and spade list. Whitehaven Beach, Whitsunday Island, Australia  Welcome to Whitehaven Beach on the largest of the Whitsunday Islands in the heart of the Great Barrier Reef. We're talking seven kilometres of white sands and aqu
  • Pimm's O'Clock: New Ways to Serve Britain’s Top Summer Tipple

    Anyone for Pimm’s? We’re guessing the answer’s ‘yes’ - it’s basically summer in a glass, after all! With calendars flipped to July and the sun finally shining, the season of this classic drink has well and truly begun. We may not know the secret recipe for Pimm’s itself (legend has it only six people in the country do), but whether you're looking for a new way to serve it at your next garden party, or just want to add to your repertoire of recipes, we've got some great ideas for novel ways to enjoy this British delight. Ice
  • 2014’s Top Festival Fashion Trends

    Hey there, festival fans, everyone else might be happy to slum it in the same outfit three days running, but we like to put a little more thought into our threads - SO - we thought we'd go over all of this year's top festival fashion trends. Coachella's glamorous boho is the must-do look for 2014's biggest music events - here's what we're packing to stay on trend among the tents, and maybe even get ourselves into a 'best-dressed' gallery or two! Cover up We're loving all the pretty kimonos popping up everywhere, and the floaty fabric
  • Five Must-Visit Free Summer Events in London

    Just because you're saving up for your holiday in the sun (or next week's cocktail night), you don't have to spend the rest of the time at home counting your pennies - here's our pick of London's best free events this summer (you and your purse are welcome!). 1.  Banksy: The Unauthorised Retrospective, Sotheby’s S|2 Gallery, until 25th July You can count on a couple of rainy days, so when the skies start to darken, think arty farty free summer events and head for Sotheby's. A high-brow auction house showing graffiti art sounds an odd
  • Hack Your Way to Festival Fun - 3 Easy Festival Hacks Everyone Should Read

    This week will see Glasto kick festival season 2014 off to a muddy but marvellous start. Don't leave for your own mad musical adventure without checking our top festival hacks for coping under canvas. Pitch perfect It’s all about location, location, location! Wandering (or possibly stumbling) back in the early hours to find you pitched up in the field's loudest spot won’t be welcome. Arrive early so you can pick a good place, plus meet the neighbours and bond over troublesome pegs! Position your tent west to watch the sun set over the pa
  • Have A Field Day!

    What better way to kick-start your Summer than with a village themed music festival? Celebrating their eighth birthday, Field Day will be setting the summer vibe with tunes from the edgier side of music and some good old Village activities. Victoria Park will be lighting up from the 7-8th of June with headliners Metronomy and the Pixies –along with non-stop melancholic folk, bold dance acts & subdued electro. It’s events like this that really help you get away from the 9 to 5 bust and chill out with some great people, entertainment an
  • To Ski Or Not To Ski.... That Is The Question

    We think it’s time for another holiday soon given that Christmas and New Year’s are well behind us and we’re truly starting to get itchy feet. But we’re now faced with a dilemma…. we’ve recently been invited to go skiing by some of our friends. And for some reason, we’re just not so sure we want to go. Why? Because we’re craving the beach, that’s why. Why, why, why do we Londoners always pick to go for sand over snow? Why are we consistently picking the beach ball over the snow ball?? Of course, it’s so easy to go to a beach

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